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Approved by our Board of Medical Professionals:
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What makes Aptogenix special?

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    Highest quality ingredients
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    Designed by a diverse group of top medical professionals
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    Rigorous ingredient and product testing
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    Our online marketplace is the sole distributor of Aptogenix
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    Only available through a participating medical professional
Broad-Spectrum Supplement

When to use Aptogenix?


Remove and eliminate the build up of toxins in your system

Gut Repair

Repair the critical gut lining and create optimal gut function


Support With Key Formulations to Improve Your Health

many more applications...

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Premium Ingredients

Our manufacturing center has access to the highest quality ingredients worldwide. Boasting international and domestic organic certifications along with NSF for sport, our ingredients meet the strictest standards for quality.

Advanced Formulations

Our formulations and protocols are designed from five years of data and tens of thousands of successful patient outcomes guided by a diverse group of medical professionals.


Our practitioners know what’s best for their patients. Our mission is to empower medical professionals with solutions so they can focus on patient outcomes.

Manufacturing Quality

We have partnered with one of the top manufacturing facilities in the U.S. to ensure the highest manufacturing standards, ingredient testing, quality control and distribution.


We understand your programmatic model and unique needs. Dedicated professional representatives are here to help.

Approved by Medical Professionals

Our medical advisory board and formulation division is composed of a diverse group of medical professionals including Medical Doctors, Nutritionists, Doctors of Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Doctors and more.

Approved formulation

Designed and Approved by our Medical Advisory Board

Our medical advisory board and formulation division is composed of a diverse group of medical professionals including Medical Doctors, Nutritionists, Doctors of Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Doctors and more.

Become part of a thriving ecosystem

Guide your patients on a path to their desired outcome with data-backed protocols, program management and lifestyle education to meet their needs and goals

What's included

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Practitioner Q&A

Aptogenix is a professional-grade nutraceutical company, meaning we hold our ingredients, manufacturing process, distribution and service to a higher standard. We meet or exceed the standards other professional lines adhere to without compromising on ingredient quality or formulation complexity. Our supplements are only available through Aptogenix preferred practitioners.
Aptogenix preferred practitioners may stock and resell supplements to their patients. There are no retail or online resellers authorized to sell Aptogenix supplements. If you come across an Aptogenix supplement for sale outside of our online marketplace or an Aptogenix preferred practitioners office, please alert us as it may be a counterfeit or unauthorized resale and we can track it though serial number.
Yes, you may purchase in bulk through your practitioner login to our marketplace.
Aptogenix is a very limited, exclusive brand sold through our Aptogenix preferred practitioners, and the goal is to build brand value for those who are participating. However we do offer private-labeling on a case-by-case basis based upon a number of variables. Please contact our support line for more information.
We accept professional licenses, permits to practice, degrees, or diplomas from your accredited school

Patient Q&A

No, Aptogenix supplements are only sold through participating practitioners. If you see an Aptogenix supplement for sale on Amazon, or another online retailer, do not purchase it, as it is an unauthorized resale or a counterfeit.
Our supplements are free from common allergens, however we are not able to avoid all known individual allergies. Please consult your medical practitioner prior to purchasing or taking Aptogenix supplements to ensure they will be safe for your consumption.
Contact your medical practitioner to discuss the reaction. If you have an acute allergic reaction, call 911.
Yes, our supplements are formulated to be professional grade with higher concentration of active ingredients to give the best possible outcomes. Discuss your use case with your practitioner to understand how to get the highest yield from your supplement regimen.
Aptogenix supplements are specially formulated by medical professionals, for medical professionals. Our supplements do not contain fillers, low-quality ingredients, or minimal quantities of ingredients. Aptogenix supplements are professional-grade, and only sold through participating medical practitioners.
Yes, both our manufacturing partner and third party testing group hold the highest testing standards in the nutraceutical & pharmaceutical industry.

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